Yearbooks are a wonderful reminder of time and place and Advanced School Yearbooks wants to help you succeed in the Yearbooks market. We provide you with the software, materials and support you need to grow your business and compete with studios who have established themselves as Yearbook providers.

  • Cutting-edge Pixami Yearbook creation software
  • Pixami User-Guides as well as access to training and support
  • Design Guides that provide a printed catalog of the Pixami Software design assets
  • Planning Guides that allow the Yearbook designers to map out the yearbook, before jumping into the digital design
  • Sales Flyers and Posters to market the Yearbook Sales campaign to the schools and the students
  • Option for a Forever Connected Digital Yearbook

We understand the importance of delivering service to your clients, as well as making your business profitable. That is why Advanced School Yearbooks offers competitive rates to make your business thrive in an era of tight margins.