Proofing and Prepay

All proof and prepay flyers are printed on a 4-color Indigo press and are customized to fit your needs. Choose one of our templates or submit your own artwork. Contact us for pricing and size options.

Flyer Request Form

Click the download button in the upper right corner, electronically fill it out and then submit to your sales/service representative.

  • 11”x17” – Our premier flyer option. This double-sided flyer is 4-color and offers the most space to showcase your marketing and packages. The back side of this flyer tears off and seals up to create a money return envelope. Call your sales or service representative for more information and pricing.
  • 9”x13” – Our 9”x13” flyer is a double-sided, 4-color flyer that is focused on the most essential packages and products that you want your customers to order and that highlights your best margins. The bottom of this flyer tears off and seals up to create a money return envelope.
  • 8.5”x11” – Our value flyer. Print options for the double-sided flyer include – Printed color front side, blank back on 8.5”x11” paper – One side in color and the other printed in black & white or color. These flyers are then folded and inserted into a 6”x9” envelope that also serves as the money return envelope. This flyer is perfect for smaller jobs or a smaller package program. Feature one pose in 4 styles or 1-4 poses on the proof.
  • Online Proofing – Allow your customers unlimited access to the many APS products and services. Approved vendors – ImageQuix, Simple Photo and Fotomerchant