Here at Advanced Photographic Solutions we are advanced at more than just photographic solutions…we are the leader in the industry on fulfillment jobs that ship direct to the consumers home.

Fulfillment jobs are increasing with more and more people ordering online. Schools really love it too because it reduces their involvement. Some customers have even used fulfillment as a competitive advantage to gain market share. Even shipping home paper orders that were collected at the school.

Lucky for you we have been shipping portrait packages direct to consumers for over 12 years with major growth every year. In fact, today we are shipping out 9 times more packages to homes than we did in 2015. This year we anticipate a 33% growth over last year and will ship over 200,000 packages direct to home.

There are many advantages to order fulfillment and one of the main advantages is that you can offer more products. Novelty items like mugs, phone sockets and frames are difficult, if not impossible, for a school to distribute. Not so much when shipping direct to their home. We have worked hard over the past 4 years to make the packaging process seamless on our end. Having to bring a variety of unique products together to be packages together was a challenge at first but now we are extremely efficient. In 2015 we had 4 Matching employees and 1 shipping clerk…today we have 14 matching employees and 4 shipping clerks.

Whether you are using fulfillment as a means of separating yourself from your competition or if your beginning to push more sales online…we’re ready.

So get started today.